Refresh Your Tile Floors

Get tile floor cleaning services in Charlotte, NC

Old tile floors with dingy grout can make your bathroom or kitchen look rough, but replacing your floors is expensive. Fortunately, you can bring your floors back to life with tile floor cleaning services. Mach 5 Cleaning in Charlotte, NC can refresh your floors with our tile and grout cleaning services. We deep clean tile and grout efficiently to make floors look perfect.

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Our different cleaning services

You can schedule different tile floor cleaning services depending on the state of your floors. Our experts provide:

  • Basic tile cleaning services
  • Cleaning and sealing services
  • Cleaning, regrouting and sealing services
Regrouting is sometimes essential to revamp old floors. We'll lay new grout to make your floors look like new, and we'll seal the grout to ensure it stays in perfect shape as long as possible. Speak to our owner today about your grout.

5 fantastic benefits of getting your grout professionally cleaned

Does the grout between your tiles look dull and dirty? Have your tile surfaces lost their shine? When you need professional tile and grout cleaning, turn to Mach 5 Cleaning.

Here are five benefits to professional grout and tile cleaning:

1.Your tile and grout will look brand-new
2.It will stop the growth of hazardous bacteria and mold
3.Our professional team will provide a thorough, deep clean
4.We'll use safe cleaning methods to not damage your tile
5.We'll get the job done quickly and efficiently

Regular grout and tile cleaning will keep your surfaces looking great and extend their longevity as well. Contact us today to schedule service in Charlotte, NC.